Introduction to the Committee

Associate Members Committee is responsible to Learned Society Board for the promulgation of activities of technical and social nature for Associate Members of the Institution.


1. To organise technical meetings, visits and other events for the benefit of the Associate Members;
2. To advise the Institution on matters of qualifications and registration in relation to Associate Members;
3. To provide representation as required on the Council, Learned Society Board, Divisional Committees, Discipline Advisory Panels and such other bodies as the Council may require;
4. To assist in developing continuing education programmes for Associate Members;
5. To encourage Associate Members to participate in Institution affairs;
6. To encourage Technical Engineers to join the Institution; and
7. To undertake such other activities as may further the aims and objectives of the Institution with particular regard to its Associate Members.

In order to achieve the aims stated at the above, Associate Members Committee has formed several sub-committees as following:


To organise technical / non-technical seminars, visits and informal gatherings etc of difference Disciplines


To assist the HKIE Task Force on Structure Training Scheme for Associate Members


To promote the recognition of qualification of Associate Membership in the construction industry and assist to the HKIE Task Force on Membership Development Programme

Webpage To maintain, furnish and publish details of Committee matters on various concerns at Associate Members Committee's homepage
Public Relation To encourage Associate Members to participate the Institution affairs

Composition of Associate Members Committee

Elected at Annual General Meeting of Associate Members
Office Bearers
Elected from Committee Membership
Ex-officio Members
Immediate Past Chairman
Ten to fifteen members elected at the Annual General Meeting of Associate Members
Co-opted Members

Additional members up to three which the Committee wishes to co-opt
Two Council Members appointed by the Council

Three members