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A local sharing of Effective Safety Leadership for Engineers

Date, time & venue

2019-12-06;18:30-20:00;Chan Yat Mei Sophie Room – 9/F

Jointly organized by CAD, EVD and AMC

Supported by InstMC HK and the ACSD

Programme Highlights

Safety leadership is the direction that a company’s leadership team gives to the workers of that company to adopt an expectation of a positive safety culture in the workplace. Safety leadership is about promoting safe behaviour by ensuring the competence of workers to reduce the potential incident, loss or damage at works.  Dr. Leo Fung, the speaker, would like to initiate a mutual dialogue subsequent to the practical sharing of his exposures, experiences and views in safety leadership and initial development strategy of safety leadership for local Engineers and Professionals.


The power point and presentation will be in English and Cantonese.


Dr. Leo Fung has over 20-year technical and safety audit experiences in construction and property management industries. Currently, he is the Integrated Management System Manager of a local listed Group for Quality Safety and Environmental Management. He is a practicing Chartered Surveyor (Facility Management), Registered Safety Auditor, Registered Safety Officer, Registered Electrical Worker and Accredited Safety Consultant serving for the local property services. Dr. Fung holds the Doctor of Business Administration (Safety Management), Australia, and his research interests are related to the Occupational Safety and Health System Development, Health Counselling and Playground Safety Surveying.  

Also, Dr. Fung has been the external academic advisers of the Institution of Vocational Education (Haking Wong), Open University of Hong Kong, Lingnan University, City University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Shue Yan University for assisting in local development of vocational education and training programmes nearly 10-year.

Registration & Enquiries

The number of participants is limited to 80. All applications will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis. For registration, please register at CAI Division website at . Successful applicants will be notified prior to the seminar. For enquiry, please email to . CPD certificate will be provided after the seminar. 





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